Grout Express is here!

Hello everyone we have been working diligently over the last several months to finish and launch Grout Express. We are currently manufacturing the product and all is going extremely well. We are launching with pre orders now & expect to begin shipping to customers in late September.  This product came about because I knew there has to be a better way to clean tile grout than using a brush. We also researched the health implications using a brush over and over versus the benefits of using disposable pads. Brushes can collect germs, fungi, bacteria an other allergens and potentially spread those germs to the bathrooms and other rooms with tile you want to clean. Well you could have separate brushes for different rooms but that could get expensive and it still won't fix the issue of holding onto germs you would rather dispose of after cleaning.  Dirty grout is a problem in just about all homes  & we wanted a design that could use a scrubbing pad so when finished you could dispose of. Same logic when using popular brands like swiffer & clorox wipes. You can maintain a more sanitary environment by discarding your cleaning pads than using something over and over. Grout and tile cleaning just got easier.

 grout express-cleans dirty grout lines fast-grout and tile cleaning device

With our blog we will be discussing cleaning & maintaining your floors, the company accomplishments  and as a special bonus you will get a first look at new products we are testing for future rollout. SO REACH OUT to us you may be selected as part of our Express Club which receives products FREE  to test and provide us feedback. 




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