Developing Grout Express for Grout and tile cleaning / About

Grout Express came about because I was tired of scrubbing tile grout on my hands and knees. Also whenever I cleaned with a brush it would not last and the dirt it accumulated from the grimy grout stayed on it, and I didn’t want to spread those germs to my bathroom walls or floor. Big brands like Swiffer and Clorox understand the importance in using disposable pads when cleaning. Moreover, research I did on dirty grout revealed, grout can store bacteria and other allergens causing health issues. So I shared my idea to design a better tile grout cleaner with my partner Lommie and she agreed it was a pain point for her too when cleaning floor tiles. So We designed Grout Express to give you an alternative when cleaning grout on tile floor. After launching the product at the National Hardware show we experiences a lot of demand for our product in various categories from home & commercial use and products for seniors. We are pleased to be able to offer a product we believe is the best grout cleaner that will help you clean your tile grout without having to bend and scrub on your hands and knees.


Vincent Smith
Lommie Tong