Our versatile design & tools included gives you lots of uses around the home. Using disposable scrubbing pads Grout Express is more sanitary than brushes that you use over and over. Designed to clean floors, grout lines, counters, glass and more.

Cleaning kitchen Floor Grout

Kitchen floors take in a lot of foot traffic.

Dirt, grime, bacteria & pet dander can build up in tile grout.

Keep the grout clean with Grout Express.

Why use Grout Express?

Easy to setup and use.

Strong durable design.

Holds up to punishing scrubbing jobs.

Cleaning tile grout just got easier.

Better for your back hands & Knees.

Uses disposable pads for more sanitary cleaning.

Won’t spread germs to other areas you clean.

Works with any tile cleaning solution.

Works with most any tile grout size

Use with unsealed and sealed grout lines.

Won’t scratch tiles.

Grout Express Handles Thin Grout Lines Easily

Commercial Tile Cleaning

Grout Express is great for office tile floors & bathrooms.

Base material: Plastic

Base Size: 14” X 5 ½” X 1”

Pads: 20 - 7.5” X 1” X 0.5”


Bathroom Tile Cleaning Solution

FREE hand held

Great for hard to reach areas, tubs, counters etc.

Cleaning bathrooms is effortless with Grout Express

Collapsible / Removable pole


Made of aluminum

Collapses to 26 inches & extends out to 46.5 inches

Grout Express delivers results



What comes in the box

Grout express base

Adjustable pole

2 pad glides

20 scrub pads

1 hand held handle

Micro Fiber Pad